4 Additional Methods for Obtaining Enough Currency in Bit Heroes: A Pixel RPG

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Bit Heroes: A Pixel RPG is a suitable game for a mobile device, and you will be familiar with it in a few times. The game is all about battles for a dungeon, and the players can get various victories. Around 70 levels are for enjoyment, and you can also open some new heroes. Without proper currency, we cannot move forward in the missions, and for that, the players can smartly get the currency by the Bit Heroes Cheats 2019. The cheats are handy to use, and it is effortless for all kinds of currency.

The game has two currencies like gold and gems, but some of the players are only efforts for gold. The user must go with both currency, and in this article, we are sharing some additional methods for capturing the currency.

Grab the daily free rewards

Daily free rewards are the best method for currency, and it is mainly active for the new players of the game. It will disappear in some time, and some games are offering for the starting 15 days of installation.

Login with social media

Today everyone is connected with social media, and it is beneficial for the gaming also. The players can choose the facebook login for playing. On it, we can get a handsome amount of reward and prizes.

Special chests

Chests are a good source of achievements, and in the gameplay, lots of chests are placed. We need keys for opening the chests and enhance the currency amount on the game account.

Other quick tools

Spend the real money for currency, and if anyone does not want to pay any money, then he can use some quick tools like the Bit Heroes Cheats 2019. It is free, but we know about all the basic steps of using.