A Complete Guide for the Beginners of the Pixel Gun 3D Game

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Survive long in battle Royal

A battle royal is multiplayer war among 100 players, and the player has to remain till last for wining in it. Each player is skillful for it, and no one wants to back off. You must use some smart approaches to eliminate all of the rivals.

Locations and different maps 

In the gameplay, around 30 maps and locations are placed. You can enjoy in the space arena, nuclear city, sniper forts and more. The users can also open additional locations and get enough space for hiding themselves.

Sportive weapons for destroying 

Destroy many things in wars, and you have to try hard to get a high ranking. 200 weapons like sniper, machine guns, and more are present for us. They all are smooth and simple to use, and for extra gadgets, we can go with the Pixel Gun 3D Hack tool.