Author: Brandie Hall

My Café: Recipes and stories: 2 main currencies

My Cafe: Recipes and Stories is a new game developed by Melsoft Games for android and iOS platforms. It is quite tricky than for other restaurant games. The players need to manage all the things in such a way that shows your creativity. Here you will interact with several customers and make a social relationship with them. Through this, they will share their stories with you; that’s why the other name of the game is Recipes and Stories. For making some changes in the game, the player needs to collect coins, but if they are not able to collect that much amount of money then they can take the help from my cafe recipes cheats for unlimited coins.


In the game, two types of currencies are coins and precious stones. Through these monetary forms, you can undoubtedly open the highlights. There are various approaches to win financial standards.



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