Author: Brandie Hall

Gathering of almost all kinds of games at one place

All of them love playing games in their smartphones, PCs or any other devices as it is one of the best solutions for relaxing from all stress at any time in any place and there are lots of games in different genre like action, adventure, racing and much more now there is an amazing creation from Pixelberry is Choices: Stories You Play which is a game introduced by combining almost all kinds of games so that you can have an awesome and different gaming experience. Also by installing this game you can able to save more memory space as by downloading this one game you can meet all your expectations and no need to download different games for playing as everything were included in this.

Choices hack: Stories You Play is the game which allows you to play the genre you like as the levels are like stories and …


Traveling is the one thing that you would find in the bucket list of several individuals, and even in the bucket list of people who don’t even know how to even form a proper bucket list. If you are of a certain age, you would meet many traveling nerd wannabes who when asked “what do you want to do in your life?” will answer by saying that they want to travel. Most people do it to sound coo, others say it because they think it is something fun which it is, but they often miss out on the certain responsibilities that you need to know of before embarking on a traveling journey.


A traveling nerd is a person who has an intense love for traveling. Nerd normally refers to a person who has a certain liking for something and normally pays a lot of attention