Gathering of almost all kinds of games at one place

All of them love playing games in their smartphones, PCs or any other devices as it is one of the best solutions for relaxing from all stress at any time in any place and there are lots of games in different genre like action, adventure, racing and much more now there is an amazing creation from Pixelberry is Choices: Stories You Play which is a game introduced by combining almost all kinds of games so that you can have an awesome and different gaming experience. Also by installing this game you can able to save more memory space as by downloading this one game you can meet all your expectations and no need to download different games for playing as everything were included in this.

Choices hack: Stories You Play is the game which allows you to play the genre you like as the levels are like stories and you can play jointly with your friends. As the levels are like completely different were you can have find new friends and even your love for life in The Freshman, Book 1 in this story you can dress up your avatar with stylish outfit to impress others and you can enjoy the adventures of this level along with your friends whereas if you would like to play with some action then you can pick The Crown & The Flame, Book 1 were you can build your alliances to safeguard your kingdom from the enemies and you can do battles with powerful weapons even with magical powers to claim the crown and if you would like to play with more thrill or mystery then you can prefer Most Wanted, Book 1 which is a detective game were you can solve the crimes by examining the evidences and stop the victim from doing crimes likewise you can enjoy playing the story which you like.

·         This game crossed millions of downloads and received 4.6 ratings out of 5 from the players.

·         Constantly upgrade this app in order to miss out any new features as the developer will be updating new stories and releases the update in short intervals.

·         This game is compatible with the devices that support Android and iOS.

Be the topper in the lead board and enjoy playing

It’s not enough to play the game wisely you have to play with some strategy by plotting some tricks as to unlock new chapters and to open further levels you need to keep the track of your diamonds and keys as they are the currencies in this game and you need to spare a key to release the new story so you need to earn more diamonds and collect keys to enjoy playing without waiting. Initially the keys and diamonds were provided in a limited stock and if you don’t like to wait for the keys to be redeemed automatically after a certain time then you can purchase the diamonds with real currencies as the app allows in-app purchase.

Instead of purchasing with real money you can make use of Choices Stories You Play Hack tool to generate almost 50 to 999 keys within 5 minutes and can generate diamonds up to 9,999 which is too expensive. By default you can earn diamonds and keys by completing each chapter gain more and become a key master. While playing in a story give your best as the game doesn’t allow to play that particular level only whereas you need to start from the beginning of the story but you can toggle between the stories and you can explore the stories from the home page of the game.